Do you want to work in a company undergoing rapid development?

Do you want to be part of a modern and ambitious company undergoing rapid developments?

Summ is an accounting company, which carries out every thinkable task of a financial nature – from company start-ups to accounting and financial counselling. We are a young player on the market, which we only see as an advantage. We add a fresh breath of air to the field with good and energetic customer service and dedicated employees. We are to be found in state of the art facilities in Business Bay, Dubai.

Our employees need to work in smart and modern surroundings – we mean this adds to job satisfaction and creates the perfect settings for an effective and inspiring working environment.


Send an uninvited application 

Is Summ your next workplace?

Despite not having any listed job advertisements, you are always welcome to send an uninvited application. We check every application thoroughly and call you in for an interview, if your profile matches our team. 


Innovative and inventive

We like to be different and innovative. We wish to create specific solutions for our clients instead of just talking. Our efficiency spares our clients of wasted time and money. At Summ we give technology a pride of place and therefore want to change the dull and boring image of accountants.


Do you want to work with the best colleagues?

Our team is made up of adequate staff who know what they’re doing. We have a very informal and humoristic tone in our workspace. At Summ the employee is always in the center. We are aware that our greatest assets are our employees and an investment in our employees it the best investment. We are therefore eager to develop our staff, so we can move to new heights, together.


Do you get a kick from working with exciting clients?

Summ has a very broad customer base, which is something we are proud of. The many different clients give a versatile workday with lots of different challenges. We offer our clients the extra customer service, which separates us from the rest. We will take an extra step for our clients and our employees know that customer service is alpha and omega. As an employee at Summ you must be dedicated to the customers and their needs. In return the clients and customers will develop you both professionally and socially.


Professional, but down to earth

 We have high standards when it comes to the quality of our work. The work has to be done right the first time and the quality has to be faultless.

The standards aimed towards our services are different and more demanding than before. Bookkeeping and accounting is no longer just debit and credit. Clients want closer contact with their consultants and expect to be able to communicate about the counselling in an informal tone.

We are top professional but still down to earth, so our customers can have an informal dialogue. We know that we are the closest advisors to our clients and therefore it is important that we have good relationship of trust. Here, professionalism is the key-word. Our employees all have daily contact with our clients and are our public image which means it is uttermost important that we can offer a service, which is professional and irreproachable.


The Summ way!

We are different. And proud of it!

Our employees are happy to be part of a team that we can be proud of. Our informal tone and our exceptional service is only seen very few other places in this line of business. Accordingly, we have named it The Summ Way. We do things our way – and we think this is the best way!


If it sounds interesting, send us your CV