Is your business in need of a CFO?

Summ can offer you a competent team consisting of highly qualified employees with several years of experience. 

We are offering CFO-services to numerous companies within different business areas. 

With a CFO from Summ, you are ensured to receive updated and competent high-level knowledge.

We assist our clients with all areas of finances, including:

Cash flow analyzes
Contact with the auditor
Contact and negotiation with bank
Sparring with management
Quality assurance of bookkeeping
Controller functions 
Workflow optimization





Part time CFO services

Has your company reached a point where a CFO is a necessity to keep your financial department running smoothly?

For a lot of companies in this situation, the dilemma is often that they don’t need a CFO working full-time and competent CFO will often come at a large expense for the company.

Summ has the answer to this issue.

With Summ you can get an experienced CFO, working part-time, which gives you the benefits of highly qualified CFO without the full-time expense.

A CFO from Summ will efficiently optimize your finance function in the company, leaving it more streamlined with all the expert counselling you need.

As your CFO we will organize the tasks in collaboration with you, so you receive a tailored solution, made specially for your company. This means you save the expenses of a full-time CFO while enjoying top quality advice, reports, control and optimization from your own part-time CFO.


Illness or maternity leave

If you current CFO is absent for a longer or shorter period of time, Summ can substitute on short notice. 

We have thorough experience from several businesses and we are able to quickly take over the current
CFO’s role and fulfill your company’s need for financial advice, reports, management etc.



Companies experience peak periods in their financial departments from time to time.

We are ready with competent employees who can relieve your financial department in peak periods or stand in as responsible for an acute, urgent task.




Landson Emission Technologies

(Medium sized production company in Svendborg, that primarily develops and sells diesel particle filters)

“Summ has been an invaluable help for us. Our company has no need for a full-time CFO currently, but we definitely need a consultant, who has lots of experience and can work as part-time CFO. With Summ on board we have the best of both worlds. We have our needs for a CFO satisfied which means we get all the advice, sparring and reporting we need. Summ has therefore played a decisive role in making sure our financial department is optimized and we feel the role as CFO has been fulfilled.



(Medium sized production- and trade company which operates with the sale of earplugs and ear defenders)

We have made use of CFO services provided by Summ throughout many years. Our experience have always been that quality is the key word at Summ. They have been capable of providing a part-time CFO, who always delivers quality on time. We have our own bookkeeper and have therefore used Summ’s services regarding monthly reports, bank negotiations, budgets and sparring with the management. Summ has also always provided competent counselling. In 2018 Summ assisted in selling a part of Audiovox to one of the largest companies in Denmark. This was done very professionally and Summ also delivered due diligence material, just as they oversaw negotiations regarding the final deal. We at Audiovox are very happy with our continuing cooperation with Summ.