At Summ we can help you complete a successful company trade.

We have broad experience with mergers and acquisitions and have completed several successful company trades. 

We know that M&A, in many occasions, requires that you can react quickly, provide large resources in a short period of time and keep the process running – all of this is something we can deliver.

We always combine and organize our M&A teams, so that your company trade can be completed quickly and efficiently. Our good negotiators ensure that the deal happens under the best conditions for you and your company. 

As is the case with all our services, we offer something special to market that we call one point of contact. This means we can offer you a complete package where we also take care of contacting the lawyer etc. - to lighten your burden. 

We have a great network in and you will always be ensured the best possible advice and counselling regarding a trade. 


We are with you during the entire process and will amongst other things help you with:

Initiating meetings with potential buyers/companies

Thorough due diligence in cooperation with the counterpart, as well as building data sharing forums


Counselling and advice on the future, seen from a financial perspective

Drawing up contracts in cooperation with a lawyer – including advice and counselling

Ongoing negotiations 

Completion and follow-ups