VAT Services




At Summ our experienced and educated team will help our customers with VAT services following the implementation of VAT in UAE in 2018. 

We are a company with roots in Denmark, where VAT has been applicable for decades and our employees in UAE have been working with GCC VAT since the implementation. Therefore we have lots of experience with VAT and can ensure that your company files the correct VAT to the authorities on a timely manner according to official deadlines. 

We offer a set of VAT services to our customers and we always make sure to handle your business with high standard professionalism; our services does among others include: 

- Preparation of the VAT calculations for the authorities

- Are you a new company? We will gladly assist you in registering your company with the FTA

- We use state of the art financial programs that ensure correct calculation of the VAT in the most efficient manner.

- Our experience in the area ensures that your company are ensured to receive all the deductibles that is entitled and we make sure that import from the VAT registered countries are handled correct. 

- Our filings will be in compliance with applicable law 

- We always document our VAT calculations so that you always will be able to go back and see the documentation from the booking

Our team of senior qualified VAT advisors have the expertise to provide ongoing advisory so that we continue to assist you in your growth and keep you informed while the VAT demands of your growing company gets more complex.