SUMM 360°


SUMM 360° 


At Summ, quality is the key word
for everything we engage in. 

To give the best possible service and offer the highest quality we need detailed knowledge of the clients company – especially all aspects of the financial function.

Therefore, we offer a 360-degree assessment of the financial function in your company to estimate the possibilities of optimization. 

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An optimal financial department?

Do you think your company’s financial department needs lifting to the next level? Maybe your work processes aren’t optimal, and a lot of tasks fall between the cracks? Maybe payments and voucher-handling take longer than needed?

If it’s time to inspect your financial department, Summ is ready to give it a service check and free more time and resources for your company by optimizing and streamlining processes and procedures.


The process

Initially we will cooperate with you to map out the current processes and procedures. Subsequently we will propose ideas, which in some cases will be simple steps that can improve your financial department and save the company a lot of time and resources. 

That could for example be a simple change of physical vouchers to digital vouchers or loading all payments in the bank rather than manually typing them in. By simple steps, the processes in the company will gain a boost and lead to time savings.

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Experience makes the difference

At Summ we have a team of skilled financial workers, who daily work with numerous different branches. We have detailed knowledge of most financial systems and know how to utilize the full potential of these systems.

Our consultants all have many years of experience and can typically identify the weakest link in your finance department and how to improve it. Our experience tells us that small steps often result in great time savings and optimize work procedures.

We are ready to help you.


SUMM 360° 

We make it all around

We come up with specific improvement proposals

We base our work on the newest knowledge

We ensure optimal work processes

We will utilize your economic system to its max and help you with the integration of relevant systems

We will ease everyday life for you and your employees

We time-optimize